Keto Friendly Green Tea Recipe

I decided to make a keto friendly green tea recipe when I learned that I was allergic to coffee. Seriously, who is allergic to God’s greatest gift? Apparently I am.
I need caffeine. While I have way more energy with a ketogenic lifestyle, I also very much need that extra perk.
I tried so many recipes and tweaked them all until I found one that I loved. This one is very similar to the violet drink from Starbucks! So delicious!

What I use:

Private selection green tea


Thai kitchen organic coconut milk

Lakanto classic Monkfruit

There are a few optional ingredients you can also add. I like to add my collagen to my tea so I can get it in every day. Vital proteins is one of my favorite collagen supplements! I have noticed major results in my hair, nails, and even my joint pain.


Vital Proteins beef gelatin

If you would like your tea in a smoothie style I add about 5-10 frozen berries and throw it in the ninja! I use blackberries due to other berry allergies, but you can use any keto friendly frozen berries.


-Throw 2-4 tea bags into about 8oz of cold water (I use 4 because hello extra caffeine)
-Let them cold brew for at least 30mins
-Sweeten to taste
-Mix in 3-4 tsp of coconut milk
-Shake and enjoy!

If you add collagen or berries throw it into a blender and make sure it mixes well then add your coconut milk after. I feel like the coconut milk gets oddly chunky when blended.

Hope you enjoy!!


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